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Premium Garage Door is happy to provide superior garage door installation in Newmarket and all over the GTA. We offer a great selection of garage doors, repairs, and maintenance services – Commercial And Residential. Satisfaction Of Our customers is Our Absolute Top priority
Every Customer who Hires Premium Garage door repair in Newmarket and all over Ontario will get his job done fast professionally and with no mess behind. Call us today for garage door repair in Newmarket!. Our team of experts and reliable technicians offers The best Garage door service in Newmarket and all over the GTA
Years of experience playing a role in our Great Service Company.

We take pride in our job,
Our Dedicated Team of expert technicians that always come on time, does the job right, working with your budget to find the right solution for you is our business secret, this is why all of our thousands of customers and relatives recommend our company all over the internet – Our garage door company works in Newmarket and all over Ontario

Premium Garage doors inc has been servicing Newmarket and all over Ontario since 1993. Our quick response, our expertise in repair and new garage doors along with our fair prices put us among the 10 top-level service providers in Canada.
Our fleet contains 10 fully equipped service trucks.


This is how we started, 1 truck 24/7. Same day garage door service is our profession and also our desire, When you need a garage door repair Newmarket we are the right place to go. In case of needing a garage door repair urgent and fast contact us today!

New garage door Division of our company is eager to provide you a solution for your New Garage Door need, residential and commercial we do it all, No need to be troubled just call us today for a free quote.

Are you concerned about a broken or crooked garage door?
Call our emergency garage door repair Newmarket today!
Our technicians and trucks are always on call to help take the hassle out of your mind.
We will fix it on the spot, same day, and also on an affordable budget.
No matter what is it, commercial broken springs or residential stuck door. We are always here for you!


Why You Should Choose Only Premium Garage Doors Inc:

  • Our teams are ready to perform, fully equipped, and ready to address any issue Whatever it’s a residential garage door repair in Newmarket or a commercial garage door repair in Newmarket.
  • We service all over the greater area of GTA and even more than that! From Bowmanville to Hamilton And from Toronto to Orillia we are always there for our customers, to fix their broken garage doors or their crooked garage doors.
  • As a 24/7 Garage door repair and new doors service, our dedicated phone support team will always answer your questions and be ready to respond to your inquiries about the garage door repair in Newmarket and all over Ontario as well.
  • Our commercial garage door repair Newmarket and all over GTA team are always ready to help, with commercial garage door repair at fair rates by experts professionals.
  • We are also a garage door manufacturer in Newmarket and all over GTA, We provide the community with high-quality doors that will last for a long time, and our warranty gives the customer 10 years of peace of mind.


Premium Garage Door Provides commercial Garage Door Repair and Residential garage door repair in Newmarket and all over the greater area of GTA. Thanks to our expert teams of technicians We are able to offer you immediate service that will prevent your day from being ruined, we will get your door back in function in one hour or less. A garage door plays an important role in your house security, important to understand that doors in general and a garage door, in particular, requires regular maintenance once in six months at least in order to keep it in good condition, safe and secure. There is no doubt that the garage door is a very important entryway to your house, in case of need garage door repair Newmarket which serves all over the greater area of GTA there are many companies that you can hire, but your best choice will be definitely Premium garage doors inc.

Most people often think that a garage door is simple to repair and easy to fix, a garage door actually is a very complicated system that contains multiple parts that depend on each other, if one part is broken most likely it will affect all the system. Premium garage door repair in Newmarket is easy to find, very accessible through the internet, and also very affordable. There is no need to do the job by yourself if you can call premium garage door repair Newmarket – expert professionals that are always on call and ready to help you with your garage door project. In every attempt and time that you will look for garage door repair, premium garage door repair will show up on google offering same-day garage door repair.

Garage door coils springs and cables have very high tension in their system, the garage door spring also needs to match exactly the door size and weight.
Better to hire someone who does it for living and has experience with repairing these high tension aircraft systems
This way you don’t have to worry about anything, you don’t have to risk your life as well.

Garage Door Cable Repair By Premium Doors

The aircraft tension cable on the residential or commercial garage door is attached to the bottom brackets of the garage door and contains a lot of tension on it.The garage door cables often get rusted and ripped, important to maintain them before they get ripped, otherwise, it’s can cause critical damage to the garage door. Important to call the garage door technician from premium garage door repair Newmarket to come and Repair the cables in the right manner! This way you don’t risk yourself or your household and you can have peace of mind in your daily activities.

Garage door spring Repair By Premium Doors

Garage door springs are the main core part of the garage door, garage doors are typically made from very heavy materials, the springs are responsible on carry all the weight of the door so the garage door opener can open and close the garage door easily. When the garage door springs get broken, the door won’t operate in most the cases, if it’s still operating with your garage door opener, you should not try to open and close the door since the door is too heavy for the garage door automatic opener and damage would definitely occur to the door and to the garage door opener. It’s very important to hire someone professional who knows to deal with those life-risking systems, do not try to repair them by yourself!! , you can lose fingers, cause Damage to your eyes and face and also break the garage door and the garage door opener! When you need a reliable and professional garage door repair in Newmarket. We are the right address. Always call premium garage door repair inc.

Premium garage doors offers installation and Distribution of new garage doors in Newmarket

In case of needing a replacement of garage doors, you have a lot of options to choose from. With premium garage doors inc. You are buying your garage door factory direct, so you can get the garage door that you want – at the price that you can afford.

There is very high importance to choose the right contractor to install your
New garage door since the fact the high-quality installation can increase the lifespan of your garage door and save you unnecessary expenses.
In premium doors we have the right team to install your garage door safely and right on the spot, we will make sure that you will be happy with the final job. After all the garage door is the main ingredient of your house, the garage door defends your house from the weather, unwanted guests, and animals.

Our new garage door department is committed to offering you a solution in every case, we will fit the right door to the style of your house, we can do it all – modern garage doors, Contemporary garage doors, carriage garage doors, and more. You can also choose from a vast giant collection of garage door windows. We are also providing 10 years Extensive Vip warranty, so you can sleep well at night. Don’t hesitate, to call premium garage doors inc. today!

Commercial Garage door Repair and replacement by premium doors

Commercial Garage doors are crucial to the daily missions of your small business, business owners looking for reliable commercial garage doors that will last for years with minimum maintenance required.
Important to remember that a commercial garage door opens and closes more than 150 times a day, therefore it is very important to keep them maintained in a good faith.
Here at premium doors, we have a complete department that Addresses all commercial garage doors issues including garage doors commercial springs, garage doors commercial operators, garage doors commercial tracks, and more.
Sometimes when there is no option to repair your commercial garage door you would have to replace it, in this case, we are ready to operate as well, we are working with all the big names in the commercial garage doors industry including Lynx, Manaras, lift-master, Wayne dalton.
For commercial garage door service don’t wait and hesitate, contact us today!






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